Friday, November 14, 2008

ROBERT PATTINSON Twilight Interview


Movie Company Buys Rights To All Twilight Books

Summit Entertainment, who is releasing "Twilight" this month, is looking to make future movies based on the popular series.

The company has acquired rights to the next three novels in Stephenie Meyer's blockbuster vampire series and has hired "Twilight" scriptwriter Melissa Rosenberg to write the scripts based on "New Moon" and "Eclipse," the second and third books, respectively.

A fourth book, "Breaking Dawn," does not has a writer.

"Twilight," which revolves around the relationship between an average teenage girl, Bella, and a vampire, Edward, in a rainy Northwest town, has been generating incredible attention in anticipation of its Nov. 21 release.

Summit, which has been eager for a franchise as it rolls out its distribution slate, hopes that the movie's built-in teen and early-twentysomething audience will get an added boost from older filmgoers.

In "New Moon," Edward leaves Bella, sending Bella into a depression and a friendship with another vampire. In the third book, "Eclipse," that relationship triangle evolves, while evil empires begin to pursue Bella.

"Breaking Dawn" pushes the plot further with a marriage between Bella and Edward.

Rosenberg, who also penned "Step Up" and is a writer/co-exec producer on Showtime's "Dexter," has said she was methodical in writing the scripts, choosing not to read future "Twilight" books so she could stay true to the evolution of the characters.

source: hollywood reporter

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cast Of Twilight To Appear At Hot Topic w/ Paramore

Twilight Signing and Paramore “The Lost Show” Performance
November 18 at 4pm
Want to meet the actors portraying your favorite Twilight characters Jacob, Rosalie, Emmet and Jasper? How about seeing an exclusive performance by Paramore? Well, you'll get your chance at Hollywood & Highland Center. Purchase the $30 Twilight Tour t-shirt or the $30 Exclusive Paramore t-shirt at the Hollywood & Highland Center Hot Topic location ONLY and receive a wristband that grants you preferred access to “The Lost Show” performance by Paramore at 4pm on Tuesday, November 18th in the Central Courtyard, level 2. Purchasing the Exclusive Paramore t-shirt also guarantees the opportunity to meet the band immediately following the concert at Hot Topic, level 3. Purchasing the Twilight Tour t-shirt guarantees the opportunity to meet Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Kellan Lutz (Emmet) and Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) at 5:30pm at Hot Topic.

Need more info? Contact the Hollywood & Highland Center Hot Topic at 323.462.2590.

Limit one wristband per person. Offer valid while supplies last. Space is limited. No cameras allowed. One autograph per person. Wristband valid for Paramore performance and Twilight cast signing ONLY

Twilight-Mania Sweeps The Country

Are you ready for Twilight?

More exciting than Harry Potter, Star Wars or any Ann Rice novel? Probably not, but this movie Twilight based on the characters from the Stephanie Meyer's popular Twilight series is giving them a run for their money.

With a marketing strategy similar to any teen idol band, this movie is taking it one step further but teaming up with Borders booksstores to host Twilight parties to celebrate the release of the movie. Check your local Borders Bookstores to see if there will be a Twilight near you. Here is information for the Los Angeles area events:

November 15 from 7:00-8:30 PM

Come to Borders to meet and hang out with fellow Twilight fans. Get sneak-peeks of the movie, show off your deep knowledge of the series, enter to win free movie passes, sample treats from Seattle's Best Cafe, and lots more. Costumes welcome!

Plus more Twilight activities throughout the night!

Fandango movie pass drawing:
Borders will give away two FREE movie tickets for Twilight, courtesy of Fandango, the nation's largest movie ticketing service. Don’t forget to enter the raffle!

Pre-order your tickets:
Avoid the lines and get your tickets early! Enter your city or zip to find the theater near you and beat the crowd!

After the movie:
come back for dessert
November 21-23, buy any beverage 20oz. or larger and receive a complimentary bakery or dessert item

Get the coupon:
Also be sure to check out Borders' hot selection of Twilight merchandise, including posters, perfume, t-shirts, and our Borders-exclusive Twilight calendar.

Schedule of Events
7:00-7:30 PM

Twilight Movie Discussion
Watch trailers, cast interviews, and Borders-exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the movie. Discuss the various scenes with other Twilight fans and share your thoughts on how favorite scenes from the book will come to life on screen.

Check out the Borders Twilight trailers,
cast interviews, and more.

7:30-8:00 PM

Twilight Quote Contest

How well do you know Stephenie Meyer's characters? Take part in our Quote Contest.

7:30-8:00 PM

Twilight Soundtrack Listening Party & Discussion
Listen to cuts from the Twilight soundtrack, including the Borders-exclusive track from Paramore. How do you think the soundtrack stacks up?
8:00-8:30 PM

Twilight Charades

All the characters are in play—let's see how well you and your friends can act out the parts.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twilight Trailer

source: Trailer Addict

Zack and Miri Banned In Utah

Director Kevin Smith's new R-rated comedy "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" has been banned in Utah. Utah Jazz and Megaplex Theaters owner Larry Miller has refused to book the film. The chain's spokesman Cal Gunderson expressed concerns about the film with The New York Post, citing the film's "graphic nudity and graphic sex" and that it was "too close to an NC-17."
The company's standards seem a little odd considering that the chain had no problems screening ultra-violent fare like "Saw V," which features beheadings and explicit self-mutilation. When asked why Megaplex Theaters did not object to the gory horror sequel, Gunderson had no comment.
Kevin Smith's surprisingly tame and sentimental movie has a few flashes of nudity, a handful of love scenes played mostly for laughs, and a whole lot of foul language. In fact, the film's raunchiness level is comparable to that of "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", "Knocked Up" and "Sex Drive," all of which screened at Megaplex theaters.
It has been a difficult road for Kevin Smith's film, but it is not the first time he has encountered resistance to his frank and bawdy sense of humor. His first film "Clerks" was originally rated NC-17 for language, and his religious comedy "Dogma" sparked protests from Catholic groups. For "Zack and Miri," he again was forced to appeal an NC-17 rating with the MPAA, a teaser trailer had to be removed from his website, and the battle over the poster resulted in a design where the stars only appear as stick figures.
So what's the problem with this movie? The word "Porno" in the title.

Aside from Larry Miller's theater chain, fifteen newspapers along with several TV stations and billboard owners have been refusing to promote the flick across the country because of that word. As Philadelphia deputy mayor Rina Cutler said in a phone interview with The Wall Street Journal, "If they want to call the movie 'Zack and Miri,' that's fine, but Zack and Miri cannot make a porno on my bus shelters."

source: Yahoo News

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do You See Beyonce As Wonder Woman???

Beyonce Desires To Play Wonder Woman On Big Screen

Pop singer/actress Beyonce told the LA Times that she too wants to get her foot in that genre and wants to play Wonder Woman on the big screen. Beyoncé says that she has met with representatives of DC Comics and Warner Bros. to express her interest in a major role in one of the many comic-book adaptations now in the pipeline following the massive success of 'The Dark Knight'" 'Iron Man' and the 'Spider-Man' and 'X-Men' franchises.

She goes on to say that she chose Wonder Woman because she saw Lynda Carter's costume from the 1970s television show on display at the Costume
Institute's 'Superhero' show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

'I would definitely have to keep it right for that costume. The way that Lynda Carter wore it, she was sooo fine. She was amazing. I saw her costume at the Met. Her waist was unbelievable. It was pretty crazy, actually, her proportions. But I love Wonder Woman and it'd be a dream come true to be that character. It sure would be handy to have that lasso. To make everybody tell the truth? I need that. It would come in very handy.'

Source:LA Times; AOL News; Black Voices